Entering the gig economy

Entering The Gig Economy’s aim is to prepare individuals and communities for the opportunities and threats of the gig economy through knowledge & awareness, education & training and alliances & strategies. Led by the Meath County Council in Ireland, the consortium will facilitate knowledge development about the emerging GIG economy and share, discuss and develop effective methods to address it.

Raising awareness and uniting stakeholders from education, government and the labour market on the topic, the partners will develop and run a vocational training programme for youth and those affected most by the gig economy labour market. Besides lead partner Meath County Council and regional partner WIN Consultants from Ireland, VET college Friesland College and the Learning Hub Friesland Foundation from the Netherlands, the municipality of Vedra and AGACA from Spain and the municipality of Capannori and Formetica from Italy participate in the project.

“Gigs can be full- or part-time, or even one-off projects. There are gigs at the highest professional levels and in the minimum wage “service on-demand” sector. The key factor is that workers are not employees with benefits but independent suppliers. More and more people are partaking in the gig economy, creating a robust market for millions of individuals.” says Dr. Conor Patterson, director of WIN Consulting in Dundalk, IE.