Who We Are

WIN (EU) is the primary micro-enterprise support provider in the east border region in Ireland.

We provide a continuum of support for entrepreneurs, from guidance for those with a general interest in self-employment, through business planning support for business start-ups, to specialist mentoring for existing businesses at growth stage.

Since 2001 our team has assisted 2,668 entrepreneurs to develop businesses, employing 4,615 people and contributing € tens of millions annually to the east-border region economy.

WIN (EU) is registered in the Irish Republic as a company under the name “WIN Consultants Ltd”.

What We Stand For

At WIN we offer a team of specialists with a deep understanding of how to transform the prospects of People, Places and Organisations.

This knowledge is the aggregate of our work to help deliver positive outcomes for people, places and organisations in Ireland and further afield. 

We are committed to bringing this practice expertise to bear to help you to complete your transformation journey.

Our Team of Experts

Conor has been actively involved in supporting business transformation and economic regeneration in the East Transfrontier Region in Ireland since the mid-1990s. During that time Conor has developed and managed five business parks and incubation centres which now house hundreds of businesses, some of which trade globally. Click the button below to learn more about Conor.


Liam has been a Chartered Accountant since 1995 and worked for several years in a Corporate Finance Division with PricewaterhouseCoopers. He has also worked during his career as a company Financial Controller. Liam is a specialist in economic/investment appraisal and business planning. Click the button below to learn more about Liam.


Colin is a highly experienced IT systems advisor. He has maintained and developed a sophisticated suite of ICT systems and websites for clients and has had many years’ experience of supporting system users, especially in live customer facing commercial settings. Click the button below to learn more about Colin.


Our Advisory Panel

John is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland, a Businessman employing 40 people, a forensic accountant and an approved insolvency advisor. Until recently he was the chairman of an economic development foundation which facilitated the creation of thousands of jobs in the East Transfrontier Region in Ireland.


Peter set up and later sold a financial services company which today employs 300 people in a long career, he has advised hundreds of influential people on how to optimise the management of their resources, financial and human. He has also invested a huge amount of his own social capital as a voluntary director and more recently the chairman of an NGO which has developed incubation centres delivering business services in the East Transfrontier Region.


Ronan has been a head of Enterprise in County Louth, an Enterprise Loan Fund Manager and the developer of an incubation centre for creative enterprises. He is an engineer by profession and an MBA graduate of University College Dublin.