Innovate Accelerate Europe

An exciting new International Trade Readiness Programme available for Small Businesses in Newry Mourne & Down and Louth and Meath counties.

Innovate Accelerate Europe is cross border programme (Newry Mourne & Down/Louth/Meath) designed by WIN (EU) and NMEA, the purpose of which is to prepare local companies who haven’t before traded outside the island of Ireland for the complexities and opportunities associated with trading into Europe. Ultimately our hope is that these companies will be able to internationalise successfully, create more jobs, generate higher profits and survive the challenges presented by Brexit.

The Rational:

– Taking company owner/managers in large groups on real time missions out into new markets is currently not possible.

– But with Brexit and the impact of the Covid crisis the need for an International Trade Readiness Programme is greater than ever.

– Our aim is to enhance 1.  confidence and 2. competence to do international business.

– To realise the ambition of owner/managers to grow, stay ahead of their competition and increase their earning potential they will need to extend their reach beyond the island of Ireland (i.e. they will need to internationalise – to secure new markets and/or acquire knowledge of better ways to do what they do).
– “Knowledge harvesting” (i.e. importing new knowledge into a business) is important to avoid falling behind.
– We are helping businesses to better make, present and monetise their product – China has been masterful in acquiring and exploiting such insights – we need to be as good.
– To do this successfully owner/managers need help to find those opportunities, evaluate them and then to break through and begin building new relationships.

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